Mediterranean Yacht Show Begins

The Mediterranean Charter Yacht Show Today was opening day for the Charter Yacht Show in Barcelona, Spain. The weather was spectacular as was the wide array

Lefkada, Greece

Lefkada, Greece, shown in this video posted by Magical Greece, is one of the amazing islands you can visit when cruising through the Greek Isles on your private charter yacht. We will find the perfect yacht for your holiday. Give us a call.

Eric Clapton and Luciano Pavarotti – WOW

This post has nothing to do with yachting!! They are two of my favorite performers – together – just had to share with you!! Going to see Clapton next month in London!!! : )

Enjoy this performance . . .

Rome | Italy | History |

Before or after your cruise of the Mediterranean and the Italian coastline, you will probably find yourself in Rome. This video posted by Places and People shows you some of the splendor and grandor to be found in this amazing city.

Ahhhhh – Italy!!

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world as shown in these wonderful photos posted by Italy – Landscape and Art.

Barcelona | Spain | Balearic Islands | Ibiza | Palma Mallora

Recent changes in Spanish laws now permit foreign flagged yachts to cruise and charter in Spanish waters. The previously limited selection of yachts in this area has ended and we have a myriad of beautiful and luxurious yachts from which to choose. Call us to book your charter to Barcelona, (shown in this video posted by Bucket List Travel), Ibiza, Mallorca and other exciting ports of call.

St. Lucia | Pitons | Chastenet Beach | Gem in the Caribbean

The views in the video posted by Lala Rebel√≥ Travel are just the beginning of the amazing beauty to be found in St. Lucia. We have yachts of all sizes to charter throughout the Caribbean and some incredible homes with 360 panoramic views for sale – like the one in the video. Looking for a week long charter – or a luxurious Caribbean home – contact us for more info. We can ‘take you away’.

Bora Bora | Tahiti |South Pacific

Even the name sounds exotic – Bora Bora! Thatched roofed rooms over the crystal clear blue water. Palm trees swaying the breeze. Breathtakingly beautiful as captured in video by Awesome Places in the World

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