Bora Bora | Tahiti |South Pacific

Even the name sounds exotic – Bora Bora! Thatched roofed rooms over the crystal clear blue water. Palm trees swaying the breeze. Breathtakingly beautiful as captured in video by Awesome Places in the World

What makes a great yacht broker?

When you decide that you want to either buy or charter a yacht, you need someone to help you navigate the murky waters of yacht brokerage. Yes, pun was intended. There are thousands of brokers from which to choose so how do you know which one is right for you.

Car and Driver – Necessity in Cuba

  Cuba is not a free country - let's just start with that then move on.  So having a car and driver isn't a luxury - it is a necessity. By a stoke of luck I believe I found one of - if not THE BEST DRIVER in Cuba!! Meet Alexander Aleman.  Since internet is so...

Buying Artwork in Cuba?? – NOTE

The passion of the Cuban people is evident everywhere you go: in the people you meet, their dress, their music and especially their artwork.  There are many galleries and lots of street artists as well.  One of the most interesting places to see the art, meet the...

Medicines and Prescriptions for Cuba

Take your meds for Cuba Be sure to take your medications with you!  And it is always wise to carry them with you in your carry-on bag.  It will be difficult if not impossible to replace them once you are in Cuba. There isn't a Walgreens on every corner in Cuba!!! In...

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