The Mediterranean’s Biggest Yachting Events:
Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix  Will YOU be there??January 13, 2016

Every spring, the world’s biggest yachting events descend on Cannes and Monaco like a diamond-laced blanket. A-list celebrities, global business leaders and the glitterati arrive on the French Riviera, with everyone ready to wave goodbye to winter and start the Mediterranean yachting season in high style.

The Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix feature the biggest parties of the year and both take place at waterfront venues where charter yachts are available to make a serious splash. Whether you want to enjoy the events in privacy while avoiding the shoreside crowds or see-and-be-seen while hosting the evening of a lifetime for several hundred guests, a yacht charter at either event is the ultimate option.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival is May 11 – 22, while the Monaco Grand Prix will run May 26-29. Of course, charter yachts are available for either event on its own, but the overlapping dates also are ideal for anyone who wants to charter at both events. Imagine spending the first week in Cannes before departing for your charter yacht’s arrival at Monaco in time for the festivities to begin there. It would be hard to find a two-week yacht charter that is any more glamorous or exciting.

It’s important to book as early as possible for the Cannes and Monaco events because prime dockage space at the marinas fills up fast. We also can help you with planning everything from limousine ground transportation to red carpets that lead up the dock to a private party aboard your chartered yacht.

Very few yachts can be accommodated on the prestigious Jetee Albert Edouard.
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Andreas L