Cuba is not a free country – let’s just start with that then move on.  So having a car and driver isn’t a luxury – it is a necessity.

By a stoke of luck I believe I found one of – if not THE BEST DRIVER in Cuba!!

cigar-copyMeet Alexander Aleman.  Since internet is so limited in Cuba, the best way to reach him is via cell phone.  Text or call him +011 53 52 827 393  He speaks better English than many Americans.

Alexander has access to a variety of nice, late model cars.  For my trip he used a 2014 Puegot 300.  Very comfortable and lots of legroom in the back seat as well.  He also has access to Mercedes if your prefer something nicer.

I learned that Alexander was James Belusi’s driver during his visit to Cuba and that he was Danny Glover’s bodyguard during his visit.  Alexander also has a black belt in karate.

While everyone thinks it cool to ride in a bright pink 1957 Chevy – please reserve that experience to driving around Old Havana for half and hour and taking photos.  You do NOT want to be driving around Cuba in the heat in an old car without air-conditioning billowing smoke out the back and the reality of frequent breakdowns.

With Alexander you will be safely transported and escorted everywhere you go.  He knows everyone and has all the credentials needed to ensure your enjoyment and safety.

My trip was terrific and I credit it all to Alexander’s amazing service.

If you going to Cuba – ensure yourself a great trip – call Alexander!