I’m getting numerous reports of megayachts in the Grenadines.  This jewel of the Caribbean is one of my favorite cruising destinations in the world.  Unlike the more commercial St. Thomas and St. Barths areas, the Grenadines transports you to the true Caribbean.

Starting with St. Lucia and it’s wide array of large upscale marinas where you can board your yacht and being your journery, this area will immediately capture your heart and soul.  Explore the Pitons, enjoy snorkeling and diving, spend a day enjoying spa treaetments from one of the many spas on this island (either on board your yacht or at the resort).  Cruise south to St. Vincent and the Grenadines with pristine blue waters and fabulous scenery.  Have a lobster cookout on the beach, climb the mountain in Mayreaux, or just relax and take in the sights along the way.  Continue to the whaling island of Bequia and enjoy a drink at Frangipani.  Be sure to stop in Mustique and hang out with fellow residents like Mic Jagger, Phil Collins and Tommy Hilfiger (when he’s not too busy on American Idol).  End you charter in the Spice Island of Grenada and take home memories from you trip of a lifetime.  This ‘secret’ part of the world has obviously been discovered.  Megayachts are not only visiting the area – but staying here permanently in the Port Louis Marina in Grenada or the IGY Rodney Bay Marina in St. Lucia.

Come and visit now before it gets too crowded.