Genoa Yacht ShowIn just 5 days the largest collection of private yachts available for charter in the Mediterranean this summer, will be on display at a private show in Genoa, Italy.  There are a few select brokers with the credentials, experience and clientele that will be allowed to attend this prestigious event.  I am fortunate enough to be included in this group.   While our days will be spent inspecting fabulous mega-yachts and enjoying sumptuous meals prepared by amazing crews, this is work.  We will be walking the docks from early morning until late in the evening trying to see every yacht on display at the show.  Our clients count on us to learn all about the yachts, find their special features and get to know the crews.  This enables us to match our clients with the perfect yachts and crews when they are planning a yachting holiday.  So when you are ready to book your yachting holiday – give me a call – I’ll be able to put you and your guests on the perfect yacht.