Raja Ampat, Indonesia

S/Y Lamima is still available in Raja Ampat for the holidays!! Make it a New Year's to Remember! November 23, 2016 Indonesia is one of the most outstanding dive locations in the world! 75% of the world's coral species can be found in Raja Ampat alone. That's 10 times...

New Year’s in Sydney, Australia

GET DOWN . . . and celebrate New Year's Eve "Down Under" in Astonishing Sydney, Australia. November 8, 2016 As the first snowflakes start to fall in New York City, signs of spring are popping up everywhere in the vibrant and exciting city of Sydney, Australia. Sydney...

Cruising the Abacos, Bahamas

The amazing Abacos are one of the best cruising areas in the Bahamas. After the Exumas, most clients head to the Abacos to experience a whole new group of islands in this 700 island country.

Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix

  The Mediterranean's Biggest Yachting Events: Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix  Will YOU be there??January 13, 2016 Every spring, the world's biggest yachting events descend on Cannes and Monaco like a diamond-laced blanket. A-list celebrities, global...

Spain now open to foreign flagged yachts

Spain: The New Mediterranean Hot Spot  May 14, 2015 More top-notch superyachts will be available for charter this summer in Spain than ever before in the nation's history. It's true! Recent changes to Spain's tax laws are designed to open the charter market, making it...

Spain, the new yachting hot spot!

Spain is the newest of yachting destinations for those looking for something new. Spain has restricted the foreign flagged yachts for many years but now has opened their shores to all vessels. At last a beautiful assortment of yachts is available for cruising in Spain.

Exclusive Yachts for Elite Clients in the Cyclades

Greece: The Cyclades Islands  -  May 6, 2014 Click here for sample itinerary The Cyclades are an archipelago to the east of Athens in the Greek Isles. They're a bit farther from the mainland than the Saronic Gulf Islands, making them perfectly situated for cruising...

Greece and Turkey

Greece and Turkey:  Where Stunning Beauty Meets Fascinating History The Western Mediterranean may be the center of European civilization today, but just a few centuries ago, life revolved around the amphitheaters and archways farther to the east.  Modern-day Greece...

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