Published March 19,2012

Warning: This ISN’T your usual yacht charter! 🙂
Pack your coats and fasten your seatbelts as we begin by flying to CHILE!!

Atmosphere Profile with Helicopters


Eight days in Patagonia, Chile!!



We begin our journey in Puerto Montt, Chile where we board the M/V Atmosphere  for an amazing exploration of Patagonia on our private yacht charter. During a late afternoon departure sailing on our private yacht through the pristine Ancud Gulf, we have views of the magnificent Osrono, Calbuco and Trondaor volcanoes filled with late lavender daylight. Scenic views, amazing rare sights of nature, fly-fishing and wildlife adventure will be the norm during the following days.


Wake up in Auchemo Island bay, with northern views of Puntiagudo with its emerald blue glaciers and steep granite walls of the Andes mountain range that abruptly fall into the fjords. Then board your helicopter which comes with the private yacht you have chartered to go trekking near glaciers, volcanoes and lagoons and enjoy spectacular on-site glacier cocktails and dining. In the afternoon enjoy kayaking throughout the many lush fjords inhabited with an abundance of dolphins, sea-lions, and sea birds or take the helicopter to remote creeks and rivers filled with gin clear water, with chances of fly fishing for trophy sized brown and rainbow trout. Click here for a great You Tube video from one of the land based fishing camps, then imagine this experience with an amazing luxurious private yacht, a fabulous crew, helicopters, Zodiac Ribs, kayaks, a new destination every morning and you will begin to understand what you can expect during a week of adventure on the M/V Atmosphere!


Wake up in Tic Toc, a sheltered bay surrounded by northern views of the magnificent Corcovado volcano and its majestic and untouched national park. Enjoy coastal kayaking within the protected bay or go rafting down the local river that combines the thrill of rafting with a cold jungle nature interpretation experience. Perhaps the day will include a visit to some Magellan penguin colonies, vast sea bird sites or sea lion colonies and sites for local dolphins or discover ducks that cannot fly but paddle on the surface of the water to get around. The helicopter is standing by to take you to nearby glaciers for hiking activities as well as landscape nature photography. Or perhaps you prefer fly-fishing for trout in the local river or streams or in a high altitude lagoon. Welcome to life on the M/V Atmosphere – a never ending array of nature and geographical wonders. Private yacht charters go on YOUR schedule – not that of some organized tour. Your private yacht will be waiting at your disposal to go where you want and when you want.


Again you will find the the M/V Atmosphere has moved during the night as you awaken in an emerald colored glacier bay with astonishing views of the many spectacular volcanoes that abound in the area including the Melimoyu Volcano. There is fly-fishing within the coastal areas or the crystal clear rivers. Enjoy the daily inshore kayaking and Zodiac Hurricane RIB excursions that follow the coastline for bird watching species from the wetlands as well as for seasonal whale watching (mostly blue and humpback whales) and an occasional Chilean and Peale’s dolphin. Perhaps you will take a sea shore hike at the rock and sand bay. Enjoy an on-site local gourmet BBQ served with amazing Chilean red wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot and Syrah.


After sailing through narrow fjords you will awaken at one of many Ventisquerosound bays. Today’s Zodiac Hurricane trip will be through a strait with dramatic landscape heading to a long sound at Magdalena Island National Park. On a beach with amazing clear water, we will prepare the kayaks to visit a gorgeous waterfall as as part of our kayaking experience of dolphin-watching, sea lion photography, geological interpretation and hiking on small trails and beaches. Bird watching include cocoi herons, flightless steamer ducks, kelp geese, collar ringed kingfishers and other spectacular species endemic to this area. Fly fishing is available for trout and the occasional silver or king salmon in one of the most spectacular and scenic river-fjord systems in all of Chile. Breath taking natural hot springs are also available in the vicinity. After dinner enjoy talassotherapy on the upper deck as the M/V Atmosphere quietly departs during the night and heads for your next destination.


When you walk out on the deck this morning you will be in Guaitecas Archipelago with its fabulous views of the Maraleda Channel and the steep Andes Mountain Range to the east provide the basis for the daily nature interpretation excursion into this unique ecosystem. The Zodiac Hurricane RIB adventure today will be crossing one of the most spectacular sites for offshore seabirds, including several species of albatrosses. When you switch to the kayaks you will be taking a coastline trip inside a fjord that ends on a beach famous because of the abundance of seafood, inter-tidal invertebrates and a wetland continued by a gorgeous wild forest protected inside a canyon. Fly-fishing today include fishing for the native freshwater fish, peladillas, in isolated lagoons within the archipelago system, as well as jet-boating for fly-fishing other river systems in the nearby west coast of Magdalena Island. Enjoy helicopter flights for panoramic views of the archipelago, islands and infinite bays and estuaries.


Begin your last full day within the historic Leptepu Ford with calm waters beside vertical mountains nearly a mile high and in front of a splendid waterfall. Your Zodiac Hurricane RIB tour takes you through the fjords and their myriad of bays, discovering hidden and secret spots used by ancient sailors. Walk in the the most spectacular native fuchsia forest with thousands of hummingbirds and take photos and listen to the underwater song of the local dolphins. The helicopter will fly you to nearby lagoons for drift-fishing for trophy sized brown and rainbow trout, or for traveling by jet boats to local rivers and streams to fish for native robalos (Chilean Sea Bass) and sierra-mackerel. After returning to Atmosphere for lunch you can venture off on a short kayak trip in calm waters through the fjord or enjoy an easy slow rafting trip. Discover the ancient and natural hot springs and the lush native evergreen vegetation widely covering the area.
End the day relaxing while having your favorite drink amidst the beauty of the fjord before enjoying an exquisite gourmet farewell dinner with friends and crew of the  M/V Atmosphere.


Arrive in Puerto Montt Bay at first light and say goodbye as this amazing nature adventure comes to an end.


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