Abacos, Bahamas

The Abacos are first in on list of destinations not only  because they begin with “A” and are at the beginning of the alphabet –  but because they are also on the  “A-list’ as being one of the most popular charter destinations in the world.  The Abacos are a 120 mile stretch of islands in the Bahamas filled with uninhabited cays and beaches which are perfect for a magnificent Abacos Yacht Charters.  You are sure to find the perfect private spot to relax, soak up the afternoon sun, perhaps read a book or enjoy a special rum drink prepared and brought to you on the beach by your attentive yacht crew.  This is the beginning of a wonderful week aboard your private Abacos Yacht Charter in the Bahamas..


Walker’s Cay

We will spend most of our week in Great Abaco and the surrounding cays but will begin in Walker’s Cay, one of the most northernmost parts of the Bahamas.  The two main attractions in Walker’s Cay are Diving and Fishing.  The Gulf Stream in this area ensures a plethora of magnificent fish bringing many fishing tournaments to the area every year.  For environmentalists, be sure to note that most tournaments are tag and release where only the biggest fish are brought in.  If you love fishing you will love Walker’s Cay.


Grand Cays

Just south of Walker’s Cay are the Grand Cays, a beautiful archipelago of shallow water islands.  The shallow depth means incredibly beautiful waters that will have you taking dozens of photos in an attempt to capture the beauty.  There is a tiny settlement on Grand Cays which is fun to explore with meandering sidewalks and adorable restaurants.  On your walk you will encounter many of the local “potcakes’.  A potcake is what the Bahamians call the mongrel dogs with such colorful names as “Keep Still”, Hush’em” and “Move One”.  They will keep you company as you wander the streets of this interesting Bahamian town.

Great Abaco

If the draft of your yacht will permit, perhaps you will be able to visit Double Breasted Cays on your way south to Great Abaco.  This is another archipelago of islands and rocks filled with cays of all shapes and sizes, sandbanks and beaches.  On a bright sunny day you will not believe how brilliantly beautiful the waters will be.  Snorkelers will be enchanted for hours in these crystal clear, opal colored waters. At the end of the day, relax on deck and watch beautiful sunsets or twinkling stars and listen to the sound of quiet. This is the beginning of an amazing week cruising on your luxurious private yacht in the Bahamas.

Marsh Harbour

The Abacos and smaller cays that form a chain to the east is one of the most popular cruising areas in the world. Marsh Harbour, the main town in the Great Abaco;s was established in the late 1700’s.  The residents built Marsh Harbour into one of the busiest and most prosperous settlements in the Bahamas with vibrant sponge and shipping businesses.

In the mid 1950’s an initiative to develop the island cultivated hundreds of acres to supply fresh farm produce to the Abaco district and Nassau.  This project along with  tourism has secured Marsh Harbour as the third most populous city in the Bahamas and the commercial center of the Abacos.  There is an airport at Marsh Harbour plus excellent Marina facilities which makes this a great place to begin and finish  your  Bahamian  charter.

Another great feature of this area is that the water here is protected on the east by a string of cays and on the west by Great Abaco itself, so no matter how strong the wind is blowing, you will always find calm waters in the protected coves and inlets.

After Marsh Harbour and surrounding areas we take a short cruise to Green Turtle Cay, an island that is only 3 miles long and 1 1/2 miles wide.  At one time the island had a thriving population of green turtles but hunters severely reduced their numbers.  There is a farm for raising turtles for commercial purposes, but those in the wild are now protected.

Green Turtle Cay

New Plymouth is the settlement on Green Turtle Cay and is home to the Alert Lowe Museum housed in a 150 year old house that was restored by artist Alton Lowe.  Many of Lowe’s paintings and ship models built by his father are on display at the museum as well as an extensive collection of Green Turtle Cay photographs dating back to the earliest days of the settlement.

Another thing you will notice while cruising in he Abacos is that all the islands are very close together.  No long cruising journeys; just short trips with beautiful scenery along the way.   So after a short cruise down the islands,  our next stop is Great Guana Cay.  This is one of the longest islands in the Abacos.  It has amazing white sand beaches that stretch for miles on both sides of the island and if you go ashore be sure to take the snorkeling gear, sunscreen and snacks because once there you will want to spend the entire day.  If you’re there on a Sunday afternoon be sure to check out the famous Sunday afternoon Pig roast at Nippers.

Man O War and Elbow Cay

Next on our trip is Man-O-War Cay where the Albury Brothers have a thriving boat building operation.  These skiffs, built by Willard and Benny are the prize possessions of many Bahamians.  Joe Albury also builds popular sailing dinghies and models, finely crafted wooden furniture and nautical accessories are on display at his shop on the harbor shore.  BTW – Man-O-War has no cars and no liquor.

Another short cruise takes us to Elbow Cay, home of Hope Town with the famous red and white lighthouse.  This giant candy cane looking lighthouse is one of the most photographed landmarks in the Bahamas.  The lighthouse is usually open for visitors from 9am to 5pm but subject to change.  It is after all the Bahamas.

In addition to the lighthouse there is also the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum filled with manuscripts, photographs and artifacts of Hope Town’s history.  And if you walk over to the ocean side of the island you can find a quiet stretch of beach where you can relax while listening to the sound of waves lapping on the shore.

Little Harbour


When we head back to the main island of Great Abaco we go to the almost circular  Little Harbour which has a white sand beach running around most of the perimeter as well as some rocky cliffs with interesting caves on the west side of the harbor.  If you are interested in unique souvenirs, the shop and studio of the late sculptor Randolph Johnston may be just the place for you. Check it out while you are here.  And after a busy day spent on the beach and shopping make a stop at Pete’s Pub   before heading back to the yacht.

The week is almost over and we are heading back to Marsh Harbour where our adventure began.  Sapodillie’s Bar  might be just the place to say farewell to the Bahamas.

We look forward to seeing you there.  Call us soon to find the perfect yacht for your private yacht charter in the Bahamas.

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