Papua New Guinea, South Pacific

Refreshingly Real: Papua New Guinea

North of Australia and east of Indonesia, in the myriad of islands that makes up Oceania, lies Papua New Guinea. Are you in search of adventure? Here is a wild haven of traditional cultures, ideally suited to fascinating explorations by boat or on foot.

Exploring the waterways that branch out from two main rivers and the many islands off the mainland is a must. Plane is a good choice for long distances otherwise. Papua New Guinea is also an excellent location for trekking and walking.

You will discover amazing wildlife, including many endemic species. Possums and tiny tree kangaroos, beautiful birds of paradise, and butterflies such as the giant Queen Alexander Birdwing. The landscape ranges from high mountains, fiery volcanoes, wetlands, rivers and lush rainforest, to well preserved coral reef, that will tempt the diving enthusiast.

Dive sites range from reefs, drop offs, and coral gardens to seagrass beds and coral atolls. And you will see abundant marine life of many kinds. World War II relics can be explored both underwater and on land. Museums tell more of the fascinating history. Other excitement includes wonderful game fishing (and no need to dress up in woolly clothes for it), surfing and white water rafting.

For the culturally minded, Papua New Guinea’s population of approaching 6 million offers a huge variety of cultures and languages to encounter. Indigenous cultures are alive and well, with many people continuing traditional ways of life, unchanged for centuries.

For an eye-opening adventure at the end of the world, why not explore Papua New Guinea?

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