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Raja Ampat, Indonesia northern & southern options 

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Sorong Pulau Gam Wayag Island Aljui Bay Penemu Manta Sandy

RAJA AMPAT which translates as “The Four Kings”, refers to the 4 most important islands of the Western tip of Papua: Waigeo in the north spanning the equator, Batanta, Salawati, Misool in the south of the archipelago.

The area comprises over 2,000 islands, many unnamed and uninhabited over an area of 50,000 square kilometers.

Raja Ampat offers quality hikes, the most bio diverse diving sites of the world and amazing encounters with the flora including Birds of Paradise, Fruit Bats and majestic Manta Rays.

RAJA AMPAT is considered a jewel of our world owing to its location in the heart of “the Coral Triangle”.


Day 1 – Sorong to Pulau Gam

Guests fly into Sorong airport, West Papua.

Papua’s second-biggest city, Sorong sits at the northwestern tip of the Vogelkop, home of the Gardener Bowerbirds. It’s a busy port and only few travellers stay longer than it takes to get on a yacht to the Raja ampat Islands, but Sorong can be quite fun too.

Transfer by car to the tender and then to ExuMa. Welcome onboard!

after a warm welcome by the dedicated crew of ExuMa, lead by Captain adolfo Oria, short transfer to Pulau Gam, 40 nautical miles North West from Sorong.

Yacht Charter - Raja Ampat-Sorong to Pulau Gam



Day 2 – Pulau Gam and Mioskon Island 

Spend the day in beautiful Pulau Gam and Mioskon Island.

Pulau Gam offers the opportunity to watch the mating display of the famous and very rare “Red Bird of Paradise”. Hike the 45 minutes “Bird of Paradise Walk” to reach an outstanding viewpoint.

Close by the anchorage are several top class dive sites for all experience levels. On Mioskon Island, we recommend exploring the fine white sand beach during the day and observe the Fruit Bats roosting before taking off in search of food at dusk.

Paradise-Yacht-Charters-ulau Gam and Mioskon Island



Paradise-Yacht-Charters-ulau Gam and Mioskon IslandDay 3 & 4 – Wayag 

Enjoy watersports, fishing and an evening hill climb to a stunning vista.

Wayag is a spectacular island group situated at the north of the equator.

Spend 2 days exploring and enjoying the beauty of turquoise bays and island labyrinths created by an uplifted karst limestone geology setting.

Wayag Islands is the perfect spot for a diving session. a 20 minutes hike up to an outstanding viewpoint is also an option.


Day 5 – Aljui Bay – Pearl Farm tour 

Visit an extensive pearl farm inside aljui Bay, West Waigeo.

There is over a million shells present in the water. a tour of the facility can be provided to have an overview of the process of farming pearls. Pearls are on display in the showroom and the retail branch offers significant discounts for pearls grown there.

There is also excellent diving sites in the bay which is home to many species of Nudibranchs: marine gastropod mollusks. at night, the pearl farm’s jetties offer an exceptional diving site as well.


Day 6 – Penemu 

Explore the secret bay of Penemu. a beautiful location offering great diving. Shallow snorkelling is the best way to swim through perfect coral gardens while deeper ridges are home to a density of fish and sharks.

Paradise-Yacht-Charters-ulau Gam and Mioskon Island






Day 7 – Manta Sandy to Sorong

Spend time watching majestic manta rays hovering over their natural “cleaning station” as small reef fish take care of removing parasites on the rays. While diving or snorkeling, the manta rays will come within touching distance.

Visit the nearby arborek village, meet the local Papuan population and take the chance to browse locally made handicrafts. Diving around the village’s jetty will offer an interesting observation of plenty of schooling fish.

Transfer back to Sorong.




Paradise-Yacht-Charters-RaJa aMPaT-ISLaNDS


South Region

South East Misool Tomolol
Nampale Island Kofiau

The Southern Region of RAJA AMPAT represents an astonishing destination for relaxation, exploration and adventure.

Yachting to Misool and Kofiau islands is the guarantee of an unforgettable holiday in a very exclusive location of RAJA AMPAT.

RAJA AMPAT is considered the most bio- diverse marine environment in the world.

Exploring Misool and Kofiau will provide a unique opportunity to experience fantastic local environments such as the Tomolol Caves and the Bluewater Mangroves.


Day 1 – Sorong 

Guests fly into Sorong airport, West Papua.

Sorong is a dynamic city surrounded by mountains, hills, lowlands and protected forests.
Sorong sits at the northwestern tip of the Vogelkop and is the second-biggest city of Papua.

Transfer by car to the tender and then to ExuMa. Welcome onboard! After a warm welcome by the dedicated crew of ExuMa, lead by Captain adolfo Oria, short transfer to South East Misool.



Day 2,3,4 – South East Misool

Misool is the southernmost one of Raja ampat’s four main islands, located closer to the Central Malukan island of Seram than to Waigeo or even Sorong. Few visitors include Misool in their Raja ampat itinerary, but, those who do make it here, are likely to be stunned. Misool offers scenery that easily rivals, maybe even beats, that of much more famous Wayag, and its attractions are certainly far more diverse. a real gem!

Wake up in the karst limestone scenery that seems to go on forever, numerous high quality dive sites in the area offer some of the world’s richest reefs.

Enjoy days filled with speedboat races or paddleboard adventures through limestone labyrinths. Snorkel and dive in the Marine Protected area of the Misool Eco Resort with their agreement.

Thanks to the no fishing policy regulation, in the area, you can experience a true abundance of marine life!


Day 5 – Tomolol Caves 

With all this limestone around, it is not surprising that there are also several caves to explore. The 3 Tomolol’s flooded caves present stunning scenery, centuries old rock paintings and cliff side burial grounds.

Misool’s most famous and most visited cave is Tomolol Cave which has a whole river-sized waterway flowing out through it, and can be entered by speed boat . The cave is a sacred site for the local people.

While Tomolol Cave is the most famous, there are many more caves and they may be entered on foot for viewing stalactites, bats, etc.

Day 6 – Bluewater Mangroves, Nampale Island 

Discover off the west tip of Misool Island, a group of low lying, mangrove islands which on a rising tide enjoy spectacular visibility.

This site presents unique diving and snorkelling conditions as the soft corals grow right on the mangrove root structures. a speedboat support is essential as saltwater crocodiles have been seen in the area!

Paradise-Yacht-Charters-Bluewater Mangroves, Nampale Island

Day 7 – Kofiau, overnight passage to Sorong 

Kofiau is definitely the least visited major island in the region. It has been ignored for such a long time that several new species of birds were discovered on the island just in the last decade or so.

Still inhabited by its native population, a visit to the stilt village called Kampung Deer in the northern bay is a must.

Take advantage of this very specific corner of the earth; bird watching and diving are absolutely fantastic!

Transfer back to Sorong.


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