Tahiti, French Polynesia

Adventures in Paradise

Spectacular coral reefs, crystal-clear water and black sand beaches surround Tahiti. Tree-ferns blanket the cloud forests and waterfalls cascade into cool rivers and streams. Explore by kayak lagoons of breathtaking clarity, their waters teeming with rainbows of tropical fish. Tahiti’s cultural icon, the outrigger canoe, is used throughout the islands. Each year, hundreds of Tahitian outrigger paddlers embark on an exhilarating inter-island race at break-neck speeds across the ocean.

Bora Bora has been called the most beautiful island in the world. Its lagoon, a haven for water sports, ranges from translucent turquoise to deep indigo. Whether you want to experience a magical sunset cruise or try your hand at deep sea game fishing, there’s no shortage of sea- craft available, from outrigger canoes and glass bottom boats, to catamarans and sail boats. Venture by canoe up Raiatea’s Faaroa River, the only navigable river in French Polynesia or paddle out to a deserted motu atoll.

Tahitian Yacht clubs pride themselves on welcoming ocean travellers. You’ll be sure of a friendly reception at the Tahiti Yacht Club, which boasts an active racing fleet, and the Bora Bora Yacht Club with its new restaurant and bar or Tahaa Island’s Taravana Yacht Club, with its magnificent views.

Yachtsmen across the world are training for the 13th Transpacific Tahiti Race starting in June from San Pedro, crossing the equator and finishing at the island of Tahiti. There is a saying at the Tahiti Yacht Club that “there is no one winner in a race to Tahiti. Any boat that anchors off the quay in Papeete has won an adventure in paradise.”

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