Vanuatu, South Pacific


Spanning just over 800 miles, the once volcanic archipelago of Vanuatu consists of approximately 82 small islands, 65 of which are inhabited. With a European heritage that dates inhabited by Melanasians prior to being claimed by Spain and later France and the United Kingdom. Vanuatu—“Vanua,” meaning “land” or “home”, and “tu,” meaning “stand” —was so named after receiving its independence in 1980. The island nation remains culturally diverse, divided into three distinct cultural regions: the north, where wealth is measured by how much one can give away; traditional Melanesian in the center, and a system of grants of title and privilege in the south.

The cultural diversity is also exhibited in the cuisine, which spans French to modern Asian-fusion, with an emphasis, of course, on the abundant local seafood.

A cultural guide can be arranged to join your party for a day or the full extent of your charter.

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