Don’t blow your nose!

Every culture seems to have its little idiosyncrasies that catch blowing-noseyou by surprise.  I was reading an interesting article about what
NOT to do in Cuba and it advises that you should never blow your nose in public.  It is considered extremely rude.  If you must blow your nose, please excuse yourself and go somewhere private.

Don’t order a papaya!

Another surprising commentpapaya was about the poor innocent papaya – which I happen to love.  Please do NOT ask for a papaya in Cuba. Papaya it seems, is a vulgar slang word for ‘vagina’ and according to the article, many Cubans consider the word to be very offensive.  This wonderful fruit has been renamed in Cuba to ‘fruta bomba’!!

To read the entire article of 13 things not to do in Cuba written by Catherine Forth in Destination Tips – click here.

Of course when you are on board your private yacht doing a charter in Cuba you can still order a papaya and grab a tissue if you sneeze! LOL