There is  a saying when implying someone is not very smart that goes something like the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.  Well, the same can be said for some of the yachts I’m seeing this week.

I’m currently in Genoa, Italy at the Mediterranean yacht show inspecting the amazing yachts that will be available for charter this summer in the Mediterranean.  One of the reasons I come to the show is to make sure the crews are professional and qualified, that the yachts have been maintained and to make sure the yachts are everything they claim to be.

In recent years the addition of elevators to the larger yachts, usually  in excess of 150′,  has been a welcome addition.  This enables people that have difficulty with stairs to still enjoy cruising on a private yacht with their friends and family.  However, I find it extremely irritating to board a beautiful yacht and be told – ‘We have an elevator – but no – it doesn’t go to the upper deck.’   If it doesn’t go all the way to the top – WHY HAVE ONE??  What do you tell the guest(s) that need(s) the elevator?  Gee, we’re having a great party on the upper deck but I’m sure you’ll be comfortable here in the main saloon watching a movie?  If a guest needs an elevator to go to one deck, they need the elevator to go to ALL decks.  I personally don’t think that’s very smart and won’t be booking these yachts for my clients needing elevators.

If you happen to be someone that needs / wants an elevator on board your yacht, be sure to ask your broker – hopefully me 🙂 – does it go all the way to the top?  Don’t get stuck on the lower decks missing the party.

Contact me for more info on yachts that go  ‘all the way to the top’ .